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happy 143rd, canada!

happy canada day!

i began my canada day working at midnight. quiet night for the most part. began raining around 7am and didnt stop for me to walk home. stupid rain. a five-hour nap later (and the rain dried up!) im gearing up my old body for a canada day basketball tournament at the local park. it was a good setup. a bunch of djs doing what djs do, bbq’ed tasty eats (heard someone call the chicken ‘divine’) and the 3rd-annual canada day jamboree. longest 3 on 3 tournament ive ever been involved in. 16 teams showed up at 2pm and four and half hours later there was only one team left..

an old high school friend, we’ll call rodd,  told me about the tourney and asked if i could find some guys to play. first phone call is to joe, my best friend (he shook off a bruised calf to play.  tough kid)  next phone call is to my old  twu teammate and roommate, keegs.  one of the most athletic guys ive ever played with.  dude can fly!

 the assembly of the dream team was complete.  

now just a championship to win..

by the time i strolled into the park around 145 there were already quite a few people setting up for their canada day party. most of the players were there and getting warmed up with their teammates.  game one starts well and finishes well. one win.  game two starts poor but a late surge takes the win. on to the elimination round. only four wins stands between us and first place.

there was one team of hipsters that stole much of our attention and fanfare.  geared up in chuck taylors, cut-off jean shorts, skinny legs and a couple cardigans (i have pictures to prove this), they put on a show that would top most professional street buskers.  talking more trash than is usually normal and possessing a great range of unorthdox moves, the hipsters won us over.  im pretty sure we were their biggest fans.   almost inspired me to dress like a hipster.  almost.

to say we rolled the rest of the way would be an understatement. we got hot and we stayed hot. in games played to 11 points, no team got more than five on us the rest of the way. in the championship game we got up 10-0 before ulimtately winning it 11-2.  game.  set.  match. we used a huge dunk by keegs in the semis and some inspired shooting by joe in the finals to run show and claim the title for this year. there was no trophy awarded this year but we did walk away with a 500 credit for some high-end shoe store. new basketball shoes for us!

my body is aching now and my bed is screaming at me to jump in and sleep since i have to work at midnight tonight. again.


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