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a new adventure

busy, busy, busy.

every time the thought of blogging has crept into my mind something else pops up that demands my immediate attention.  so many good blog ideas have died premature deaths because of this recent busyness. thinking about that is depressing.  lets write about happier things.

wow!  lots has happened in the past while! where to start..

for years ive talked about creating a non profit organization that helped the homeless in some fashion.  im pretty sure my friends have become sick of hearing it to some degree.  well, the talking is over.  halifax street soccer was born a few weeks back.   with the help of a new friend – valentin – and a dedicated techie – clark, we’ve put our collective heads together to create a program that reaches out to the marganilized in our community.

 our mission: to improve the lives of people in halifax by using the power of sport for development, health and peace. we believe that sports cuts across all barriers- gender, ethnic, cultural and linguistic- and has the power to reach and teach like no other medium. we hope to use sport to foster healthy physical, social and emotional development in everyone that chooses to participate, whether thats the homeless guy living in the shelter at turning point or the struggling refugee trying to gain citizienship in our country or the student volunteer looking to make a difference in their city.  no matter who it is we believe sport can teach important life skills and values including leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, inclusion, communication, self-esteem, respect, commitment and joy.  

and some people think we’re just going to be kicking a ball around.  pftt.

we are part of street soccer canada (, a national organization that uses sports to create social change in communities across our country. ssc also falls under the homeless world cup (, an international non profit thats motto is ‘beating homelessness through sport’.

not bad company, eh?

as quickly as we started hss, the support began pouring in. some times its just a ‘hey, thats a great idea!’ and other times its been ‘what can i do to help?’ both responses get me jacked. the ymca here in halifax has agreed to give us some space in their gym to hold practices and games during the week. thanks, alison! we’re also going to try and play outside a bit before the snow puts an end to that. people living on the streets who i have talked to about the program have all expressed a desire to be involved in some way, whether its coming out and playing or volunteering in some way.

our motto is shared with that of street soccer canada – a ball can change the world.   if you havent already seen the website on my facebook, check it out at

stay connected and contact me if youre interested in helping.

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