About Luke


hi, im lucas.

i started this blog when i moved into the downtown eastside of vancouver to work at a large homeless shelter.  i needed a way to debrief after my shifts and, after rediscovering my love for writing, this blog was born.  it still functions as a way for me to debrief but it has become much more to me than simply that.  its become an extension of me.  my voice still talking long after my mouth has shut.

today, i live on vancouver island.  victoria, to be exact.  i continue to work with the people who consider the streets their home.  i have a large street family with brothers, sisters, moms and dads.  we may not share the same blood but we share life together and thats deeper than blood.  we share death together too, more often that i would like.  we share meals, secrets, warm gloves, coffees, spirituality, and ourselves.  its pretty neat.

this is what i believe God has called me to do with my life.  its the only thing that makes any sense to me.  everything else im not sold on but this i am.  i believe that love is real.  this belief has led to me to see and feel that its the most important thing i can experience and share with others.  justice in the truest sense of the word.

thats a bit about me.


ps. i hate using capital letters.

11 responses to “About Luke

  1. MissBrigitte

    Love every bit of you and who you have become! xox

  2. WMF

    Thanks for coming by our blog and checking us out, Luke!

  3. MissBrigitte

    Still love you just the way you are Lucas – except the no capitals really annoyes me! 😉

  4. darlene

    I remember that little tree too…wonder how big it became?? Love you son

  5. Wonderful blog, Lucas. Looking forward to reading your reflections.

    Greetings from the DTES.


  6. I have always wanted to visit Vancouver…I’m 45 y.o. but i can still climb trees (although my dog Juno only thinks she can)…use to hide from my dad and brothers as a kid by climbing trees.

  7. Nice to stumble upon your blog Luke. Following it may cause me to begin to miss living in Halifax. Many blessings!

    PS I think your Shift key is busted.

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