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enter the dragon

so im what some might call a craigslist addict.  ive spent hours scouring craig’s plainly designed website reading peoples creative political ideas, trying to sell my car (i love my car but gas goes through it like a fat kid goes through belt notches) and checking out discussion on the benefits of diet on esp ability (i couldnt make this up). 

so a few weeks back while i was deep in my addiction, i stumbled across a gentleman who was offering a free kung fu lesson.  instantly my mind thought back to my childhood watching van dam movies, playing mortal kombat and pretending that i could take on 50+ ninjas just like bruce lee did.  my first email to my new kung fu teacher couldnt be typed  fast enough.  he responded promptly and we scheduled my first wing tsun (thats the fancy name of this king fu art) lesson. 

fast forward to yesterday… kung fu teacher and i decide to meet at one of the skytrain stations in the city and head to a local park to train.  he brings me through some basic movements, explaining everything in medieval war analogies.  kings, cannons and castle walls.  my inner kid is relishing every minute of it.  after a bit he tells me to hit him as hard as i can.  its not every day that someone tells you to hit them and its even more rare that they tell you to hit them as hard as you can muster.  i decline.  he insists.  now, while my kung fu teacher looks like a rather built gentleman hes also the young ripe age of 59 and my subconscience is quietly telling me that this might border on elderly abuse.  after more persisting on his part i give in..

he barely moves.  im impressed, a little disappointed i didnt knock him over but also relieved i didnt kill him (not that my punch is devestating but more that hes almost retirement age). 

yada yada yada, we wrap up the session, he convinces me that kung fu is pretty cool and i hop back on the sktrain for home.  i decide that kung fu might be the new hobby ive been looking for and tell him id like to train again with him.  he informs me that next time he gets to hit me… 

cue getaway music.

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