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got married and stuff

something pretty big happened since the last time i blogged. i put a ring on this really pretty girl’s finger and she said ‘i do’. we kissed to make it legit and then got in the back of a horse and carriage and rode away. it was pretty awesome.

i’m a husband now.


i wonder if my writing will change now that i’m a married man? it’s possible, i suppose. i read somewhere by some author i can’t remember that marriage matures men more than school, sports, education and war. or at least it should.

more maturity should mean better writing, no?

here’s hoping.

for our honeymoon we flew down to honduras where kat had worked in an orphanage five years ago. she already knew many of the amazing sites so i had a semi built-in tour guide (espanol and all). ziplinig, white water rafting, open water diving, mopeding down dirt coastline roads – we had a lot of fun.

we met some amazing people, too.

one guy we met had his whole life turned upside down 4 years earlier. elmer grew up on the island of roatan hoping for something better than the west end of the island had to offer. what he got was a bad addiction to crack cocaine and many failures that led him to tie a rope around his neck and stand on top of a pile of unsteady cinder blocks. but the rope wouldn’t hold on the tree. he had failed again.


he gave his life to God shortly after, crediting him with his lease on life. in return he committed to making his community a better place for everyone. he’s now involved in public schools teaching children the harmful effects of drug use, gang life and violence. he helps to support local orphanages and sports programs that help the children on the island.

truly inspiring man. the world needs more like him.

thanks, honduras. you made our honeymoon perfect.

we’re back home now and settled into our apartment. amalgamating our lives together has been trickier than i had anticipated. moving things in, rearranging where things go, selling stuff on kijiji, more rearranging, etc, etc. through it all we still haven’t killed each other.

that’s love.

a big thanks to all my friends and family for all their love and support. you all made our wedding the best day possible.


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new chapter

everything in my life changed last night.

she said yes!!


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