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lust and ted

not much sleep today again.  argh..  zombies sleep better than me.

i woke up this morning and saw it staring me in the face as if to say, ‘are you going to read me now or what?’  a book i promised myself to read has been sitting there collecting mexican dust (or pollution) on the shelf for too long now.  i throw on some clothes, grab the grumpy book and head out into the mexico sun.  i venture into the neighbourhood and find a park bench along one of the walkways.  there i sit under the shade of the trees and, rather excitedly, get back into my book.  however, a problem arises: theres too much foot traffic for a keen people watcher like me.  my eyes are ripped from the page every time a new creature moves by my view of sight.  i say creature and not person because people arent the only things catching my eye.  dogs of all shapes and sizes running up and down the path vie for my attention and im all too happy to oblige.  small lizards dart past my feet and up the nearby tree daring me to chase them.  im more than half tempted.  birds swoop and dive in random fashion singing all the while.  this is far too distracting a place to read for a self-diagnosed add patient.
a pretty girl in a flowery dress passes by.  she darts across the street in front of a few cars and a man on a motorcycle.  its the latter mans reaction that catches mine.  for almost 40 feet his head turns to continue looking at the girl in the flowery dress.  thats 40 feet with his head turned while driving his motorcycle in mexican traffic.  hes either really smitten or nuts, but most likely both.  ive already seen his reaction a million times over since i arrived here two weeks ago.  ive seen it in taxi drivers, bartenders, businessmen, policemen and any other occupation or non-occuptation a man might hold here.  whether they realize it or not, or simply care nothing to hide it, their eyes burn holes through women (not literally).  if lust could burn for real, youd see it here in mexico city.  now, to be fair, canadian men do take in their fair amount of glances on the opposite sex.  its not the same here.  here casual glances are replaced by blatant, in-your-face, lustful stares.

a quick look through the city and its apparent why.  no guess-work needed.  walking by any one of the thousands of magazine stands in the city you are bound to see a lot of two things: sex and violence.  dirty and smutty magazines are plentiful enough to garner their own sections while the most heinous violent acts make front page news, graphic included.  just the other day i saw a woman, her head blown to pieces, on the front page of one of the major newspapers.  sitting close by that picture sat barely clothed bodies of women wrapped in plastic magazine covers.  the two images coupled together.  now im no fancy psychology or political expert (i just pretend to be) but it seems to me that this culture is indoctrinated to objectify the female and desensitize everyone the use of violence.  its scary, really and something im not sure many inside the culture are aware of.  (note: i just arrived two weeks ago so im not sure how valid my experience is)  children growing up in this environment are exposed and forced to accept these sinister characteristics as ‘normal’.  women who dress for comfort because of the heat are subject to demeaning stares and comments.. or worse.  i researched online a bit and found that six in ten women have experienced sexual violence in their lives.  60% seems like a pretty high number, no?  a chilling thought, especially when my girlfriend studies here at the present.  my very pretty girlfriend who unfortunately is at the end of many of the stares described above. i guess i better start practicing my kung fu more.  self note: search craigslist for ‘numchucks’ after writing this blog.

despite that, i really like it here!  all the people ive met have been incredibly friendly and inviting.  even though my spanish isnt what some would call ‘fluent’ (i can count to ten!) people have been patient while i stammer around looking for the right words. i dont want to knock mexico or even mexican people.  not at all.  this is simply an observation from a disturbed foreigner staying in a foreign country with disturbing cultural tendencies.

thats all.

lucas + mexico = awesomeness

ps. theres a spider that lives in my shower.  i named him ted 4 days ago.  its a beautiful friendship.

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riot policia, park chess and grocery delivery boys

its been almost two weeks now in mexico city for me.  the days are getting hotter though the locals dress like its winter.  i walk past three-piece suits in my flip-flops, shorts and cut-off shirt.  me, dripping sweat while they look as cool as cucumbers.  im not sure what their secret is.  ice in their underpants?

as im sure most know, soccer (aka. futbol) is huge down here.  its not surprising to see a kid or two dribbling a ball down the sidewalk or a game on as you pass a restaurant or bar.  the university team won the championship a couple of days ago and the whole city went bonkers.  literally.  people hanging out windows waving flags, drinking beers and honking horns, a couple dozen people per pickup truck (no joke), all geared up in their soccer jerseys.  if i hadnt known better i would have sworn they had all won the lottery.  we went downtown to where everyone was celebrating to take in the festivities.  millions and millions of people packed into the streets waiting with intense anticipation for the tour bus carrying their futbol heroes.  when they finally arrived it was like a rock band had just hit the stage.  in order to prevent chaos hundreds, if not thousands of police were called into keep order.  ive never seen so many riot police before, shields and all.  things got a bit testy in some spots but for the most part things went smoothly.  i convinced some riot police to let me take a picture with them.  in broken english they surprisingly said yes.  nice policia.

we went to a giant park near our neighbourhood to explore and catch some rays.  we found a group of locals playing chess and were beckoned to join.  a six-year-old little mexican boy by the name of martin challenged kat to a game (smart boy).  he says something in spanish, she laughs and the game ends.  i ask her what he said.  ‘he told me i was dead.  i got trashed talked by a six-year in chess’.  she piggy backs him around for a bit while i take revenge on his older brother.  booyah!  next stop in the park was sleeping garden.  a cornered off spot in the park equipped with music, fluorescently painted lounging benches and stacks of books.  we picked a bright yellow bench and relaxed.  i think i may need to introduce this to canadian culture when i get back.

deciding that eating out every day was probably not a good budgetary plan, we hit up the superama grocery store to fill our little 2 x 2 foot fridge.  we went a little overboard and bought too many groceries and found ourselves at 11pm with a kart full of groceries and no cab to bring us home.  a young mexican guy who worked at the store must have seen the look of puzzlement on our faces and intervened to help.  he convinced his boss to let him bring our groceries home for us then bring the kart back.  ive never seen such hospitality from someone i had never met before.  we talked as he pushed our kart down the middle of the street, cars dodging us as they sped by.  his english was pretty good so we were able to talk about everything from sports to weather in canada.  thanks, benjamin.

tonight im off to a small (tiny more like it) local bar where they actually put basketball on their tvs and not soccer.  at least some people here watch good sports!

ps. completely unrelated but still very much important.. please pray for the people in joplin, missouri who are literally rebuilding their lives today after a massive torando ripped their town to shreds.  article attached below.



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