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another day at the office

not wanting to waste a perfectly good sunny day inside i decided to venture downtown a bit before i started work. sunny days spent walking concrete sidewalks attached to concrete buildings usually isnt my idea of a day well spent but i guess the city is changing me. for better or for worse im sure time will tell eventually. it was hard to miss the line of buses that stretched back several blocks on hastings. the closer to main street and hastings i got (the dtes epicenter) the louder the lady on the bullhorn got. as i squinted in the sunlight, i could begin to make out the large group of protesters sitting in the usually very busy intersection. not a typical place to form a circle and sing songs but they carried a good melody nontheless. the sudden closure of the popular health contact center had not sat well with many people in the dtes community. the contact center acted as a first point of contact between health/social services and individuals in the dtes, providing direct access to basic health care through nurses and health care workers. abruptly and shocking to many in the area, the city pulled its funding to the center late last week. the peaceful though inconvenient protest proved how seriously the community felt this decision impacted them. the police watched for a few hours before disbanding the would-be revolutionaries.

theres something about a good protest that makes me hungry, so i decided to head back up to the church and visit with some of my homeless friends and have me some dinner. shelly was cooking in the kitchen and that woman knows how to cook 200+ meals and make it taste good. real good! no easy feat, in my opinion.

george was working and covering as refuge manager. its not a stretch for me to say that george just might be my favorite person at the church to work with. forget that he introduced me to chimichangas (google it!) making my life arguably 3, maybe 4x better, hes a pretty jolly fella with a rad moustache and a big heart for the people we work with. ill be sure to take a picture of the rad moustache and post it soon.

so fastforward an hour and a bit..

a lady that stays at the church had recently been released from emergency. she had been given a prescription of sleeping pills so that she could rest. staying up for days on end feeding your addiction will do that to you. instead of taking the right amount of pills she chose to take (perhaps by accident…) them all. 20 pills in all. a few other residents of the church informed us of the situation. finding her sleeping, we tried to wake her but she wouldnt respond. we decided it best if the paramedics came and take a look at her. no sooner than we called she began having troubles breathing and seemed to be going into shock. two mins later the paramedics and several firemen showed up to give her proper medical attention and gurnied here out the front doors to the waiting ambulance.

i pray shes ok. i hope that she comes out of the hospital healthy and in a better frame of mind, though i know both are long shots..

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